G-Fleet partners with Spectre Fleet

This year, G-Fleet will have more computers than ever, than any other player organized event, ever.

We have the opportunity to mess around with 28 EVE Online clients in parallel. How is that?!? While an onsite 7vs7 PVP tournament is pretty amazing, what we will be doing on tranquillity, will be even more shaking. To make it a unique experience, we decided to partner with SpectreFleet, an organisation that is very professional in hosting public fleets.

Fleet times will be

  • 5th October, 22:30 EVE Time, ~2h, Fleet led Virion Stoneshard
  • 6th October, 20:00 EVE Time, ~2h, Fleet led by Killah Bee, very suitable for alpha clones
  • 6th October, 22:30 EVE Time, ~2h Fleet led by Mikokoel

All Fleets will start from Jita. Please place there a suitable PvP clone in advance as fleet will deploy very quickly after starting time. We will have streamers embedded in the fleet, so you can watch it on twitch.

This brings me to the onsite tournament part. As blogged earlier, this year G-Fleet is joined by Streamfleet. So, wouldn’t it be fun to have a miniature format alliance tournament with all the shenanigans you are used to, i.e. commentators, forecasts and in depth analysis? We are doing exactly that! Four alliances will compete in a show tournament against each other and we will have a proper commentating on this.


Furthermore, we will have an open 3vs3 PVP tournament open to all guests to the entertainment of everybody, even you out there in your armchair watching Twitch.

Speaking of commentators, I am happy to announce that we have several skill commentators on board: CSM Member Jin’taan, EVE_NT Analyst Aleksi Aksan, CSM Member Killah Bee, CCP Guard and Virion Stoneshard from SpectreFleet.
Both tournaments are not intended to be super serious internet spaceship business, but fun for our guests. So, you may expect “little” twists in the rule sets, which might bring contestants to cook up really weird fittings. Think of the “DOES IT FIT?” part of the O7 show.