We offer you a mention on our website and a quarter of a page in our event booklet…. Bullshit! That’s not what we are going to do. You are not interested in that kind of crap.

G-Fleet deems every sponsor as a valuable partner who has to get a substantial, preferably measurable benefit for his contribution. You can regard us as your marketing agent on our events. We are always striving to maximize the impact of your contribution in terms of brand value and long lasting positive memorization of your brand.

But first things first: From our website you can derive what this is all about: G-Fleet is an annual real life gathering event for the computer game EVE Online. The community of this game is somewhat special as the complex game mechanics have forged, filtered and sifted an unique peer group. This peer group is completely different from gaming communities of other games. Demography differs in age, income and education. In EVE Online you find company CEOs, IT department leads, NASA Scientists and a whole bunch of other amazingly interesting people.

We have always believed in giving our sponsors direct access to our guest, so you are invited to join the party and see firsthand yourself how the fine-tuned marketing and promotion tools work onsite and how they harmonically mingle with the event concept. Hence your contribution stays in memory of our guests indefinitely. Since last year, we have started to broadcast our event live on Twitch in order to make our content accessible to the EVE community as a whole. For that mission we are entitled to use the Twitch channel of the EVE Online’s creators CCP games hf.

G-Fleet is operated as community event from the community for the community, but has – aside a stable and experienced organization team – also a professional shell, a registered business, in order to facilitate certain aspects of event hosting.

Does that all sound interesting? Would you like to hear more about how to do peer group marketing on a bunch of 400 nerds, which interesting business background? Please contact me, holger.luettgen@g-fleet.de and we will have a conversation about how to make it happen.

You’re just a private person interested in supporting us? You can do just that and you will stay in Community’s memory for ever. Please be advised that we are not a registered charity organization, therefore we do not have the possibility to provide tax refundable receipts.